I’m packing to leave for a month. I’ve never been gone that long. And I’ve never gone to a Nordic country for a month. So I want to be prepared. It’s still cold there, so I’ll need boots, a winter coat, gloves, hat and other outdoor gear. As well as other heavier weight clothing.

Determined to only check one bag I went searching for the perfect piece of luggage to take with me. It had to be big. It had to be unique so I could easily find it at baggage claim.

Big Orange Suitcase

Well here she is…

I’ve got everything I’m taking with me in that bag other than my computer bag, which I’ll carry on. In the computer bag I’ll have my work PC, my development PC, my Surface, headphones, charger, book, and a variety of snacks.

Surface and Headphones

These will be needed to survive the 24 hours of travel time


I’m also taking some intangibles… My goals and hopes for this trip. Which are to get validation of my app, to make a lot of great contacts, and to fine tune the app so it is ready to launch in April.

I’m taking with me great support from friends and family. I’m really grateful for everyone that has sent me encouraging notes and well wishes for this trip. I’m thankful to Alex, Hank, Kevin, and JT who helped me with testing and gave me some great feedback.¬†Even my work is supporting me by letting me take the time I need and to work remotely while in Finland.

And most important I’m taking the support and well wishes of my wife and kids. They are supporting me on this venture. They’ve helped me test and create the app and have given me good comments and suggestions for the past year + as I’ve put this thing together.

Stay tuned for updated, photos, and stories. I’ll keep this blog updated while I’m there!