This morning I woke up to find my first homework assignment for AppCadamey. The four questions revolved around my branding and are those sneaky type questions that seem easy when you first read them, but then 20 minutes later you realize you just don’t have a clue.

Question 1 – Describe your app in one word.

One word? I have a hard time describing it with one paragraph, let alone one word.

Race? – No. Speed is one component, but you can take your time.

Puzzle? – No. Although it is mentally challenging sometimes, it isn’t jigsaw-like.

Challenging? – No. Well, yes but it doesn’t get to the essence of it.

Go! – Yes! What do you think of when you hear someone say “Go!”? It’s either “Where are we going?” or you think of starting a foot race when you were a kid. Ether would be totally appropriate when thinking about Timmo’s Challenge.

If you want to get a good idea of the feeling of “Go!” watch the first episode of any season of The Amazing Race.

Question 2 – Who are your competitors? (Name 5)

This one really reminds me of why I built this app in the first place.

[Shaky dissolve effect indicating we are going back in time]

When my kids were 9 or 10 we were hanging out the house on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon. The kids asked if they could take a lunch up to the high school. “Sure!” I thought. When I was their age I was out and about in the neighborhood. They needed to get out and do something. And we only five driveways from the high school. At their age I was riding my bike miles from home. Although my mom didn’t know. (She does now)

Well they weren’t gone a half hour and a police cruiser pulled into the driveway with the kids in the back, crying and upset. “What did they do officer?” I said thinking they had tried something I would have at their age like climb on the school roof or walk through the hallways after finding an open door.

“They were walking down the street by themselves.” he said puzzled that I wasn’t more alarmed that my kids had escaped the house.

Long story short, a neighbor called the cops because they were concerned. This shocked me. Had we really gotten to the point where kids couldn’t explore their neighborhood? I started thinking about it and realized I hadn’t seen kids playing outside, having neighborhood ball games, hide and seek, etc. They must all be sitting in the house. Or at properly organized sporting events.

Yikes! It scared me that kid’s might miss out on the important skill of exploring their world. Navigating their way back home after taking a wrong turn down an unfamiliar street. Or seeing the street lights come on and realizing you’re are at least a half hour from home.

[Shaky dissolve effect indicating we are transporting back into real time]

So, getting back to my competitors…

  1. TV
  2. Video games (funny, eh?)
  3. Organized sports
  4. Over-protective parents
  5. Fear of the unknown

Not that I have anything against a healthy dose of any of these things. But my goal is to introduce that sense of adventure back into kids (and adults) lives. Serving the adventure through technology is just a means to an ends.

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Stay tuned for more information on my trip to Helsinki! I’m sitting in the airport getting ready to take off as I write this.