Halfway through Friday! Woohoo! But actually we’re busy most of the weekend, so I’m not sure if its really a true Friday today.

The day started off as normal – wake up at 7, jump in the shower and head to the bus station for an 8:00 bus to Aalto.

The bus station is THE place to be

The bus station is THE place to be

The bus station has two grocery stores, a food court, and is attached to a mall that has just about anything you need. It even has the laundry mat. It is the place to be for just about everything you need.

So I’m considering a name change. Comment below if you have any comments or suggestions. So far the top contenders are:

Puzzle Walk, Mind Trek, Puzzle Trek, or Mind Walk

The positioning statement would go something like this:

“Mind Trek is the only outdoor puzzle app that helps gamers to use their brains and bodies simultaneously so that they have fun, learn, and exercise at the same time.”

Lunch Today

Lunch today was pretty good. I may have found a new soup for “Soup Night” at the marina. Its simple – potatoe and bacon. Sounds plain. But it was warming and good.
Potato and Bacon Soup

Potato and Bacon Soup


I may have forgot to mention that we are across the street from Rovio. You know, the makers of Angry Birds, Bad Piggies, etc. Yeah, those guys. So its a pretty active hub of game developers and designers here.

The Rovio pillow room is great for epic pillow fights.

Pillow fight anyone?

Pillow fight anyone?


Off to another workshop and then tonight is a social event with French finger food and wine. Looking forward to unwinding a bit.

Chow chow!