Last night we had a great little shindig at the AppCampus space. It was put together by Paolo Borella, the Director of AppCampus. Paolo shared his Italian tradition of an “Apperatiff” – basically a meal (and drinks) before dinner. It’s a really nice idea that I think we should try to do in the US.

My Russion friend prepping for the Apperatiff

My Russian friend prepping for the Apperatiff


The spread included proguto, olives, salami, bread, capers, and an assortment of hard cheeses. Plus a variety of jellies and sauces. It was REALLY good.

A great selection on Friday night

A great selection on Friday night


And of course, we had some drinks!

Prosecco - a sparkling white wine

Prosecco – a sparkling white wine


The best part of the evening though was getting to spend time with the rest of the AppCademy group. After a hard week we let our hair down and had some good laughs. I had a great conversation with a group of guys that included people from Brazil, France, Belgium, and Estonia. Did you know if you live in Estonia you pay close to 70% of your income as taxes? But businesses are not taxed at all. In Belgium it is like 45%, but you have reliable social security. It was really interesting talking to all the guys.

It is also really interesting how people from other countries look at people from the US. One statistic I heard was that only 2% of the US has passports. We are just so into our country that we don’t realize there is a whole world out there! I have a new mission – to get my wife and kids outside of the US on trip(s) to different countries. It may be a far off goal, but I think it would be a great way to spend time with them.

Now on to Saturday…