Well I did my good turn for the day. And it will probably be one of the most memorable events of the trip.

I was walking back to the hotel when I see this woman who looks lost, looking around the hotel. As I opened the outside door she said something, but I didn’t understand her. Crazy Finnish language. I tried speaking to her in English, but she didn’t know any. That was weird because every Finn I’ve met so far has been able to understand English.

So I motioned inside, thinking she needed to get in. She followed me in. Then she was looking around still while I waited for the elevator. She said something else to me and I got an idea. I lead her into the pizzeria next door and asked them to translate. But they didn’t understand her either. I could see she was getting frustrated. I tried different things to understand, but no use.

I motioned upstairs. Maybe she is looking for a friend. So we got in the elevator and headed up. She passed a few floors then followed me off of mine. Great, now I have a tag-along. That I don’t understand.

Next idea – maybe she can use my laptop to translate somehow. So we go into my room (I know what you’re thinking. No.). But she couldn’t even type anything! Finally she motioned for a pen and paper, which I gave her. I totally couldn’t understand that either.

Say what?

Say what?

But that gave me another idea – to find her nationality. Russian. Ah! I know some Russians and they are right down the hall. So I go grab Andrey and Roman and they determine that she was basically dumped here by some “friends” and needed to book a room. but, since the lovely Omena doesn’t have any on-site staff she couldn’t. And, she only has cash.

So she gave me the cash and I got her a room. Yeah, I made someone’s day. Maybe three people’s day… Andrey and Roman thought it was pretty funny.