Our love affair was a brief one
only 23 days I enjoyed your pleasures
but 23 days I will never forget.

Some say you are strange
for not having a front desk.
But you always were a rebel.
Be gone front desk! Be gone helpful staff!
Be gone iron! The neat and tidy are wicked, wicked people!

You could never be taunted as wasteful
with your 3-in-one green goo soap… stuff
and your once a week cleaning
a finer clean there never was

Unscented, mostly water, green translucent gel

Unscented, mostly water, green translucent gel

Ah, but your greenish amenity shall never be taken!
For if he tried it would leak all over his underwear
because you do not even provide a cap!
Be gone caps!!

And you clientele – you shun no one
surely that is a character trait worth noting
Your lowest of prices welcome all sort of drunken being
and foreign gymnast team
(much acclaimed for their early morning door slamming)
and destitute Russian tourists

Ah - the drunk peoples poetry!

Ah – the drunk peoples poetry!


But alas I has fallen for another
her name is Radisson
She cannot compare to your charms
But we will always have the 2 am fire drills
and Ha! The memories of being woken up
by the cleaners of the rooms and their smirks
as they barge into our rooms unannounced

Farewell my love!

We'll always have fire drills

We’ll always have fire drills