Sitting here in Detroit waiting for my connection back to Connecticut I’m trying to digest the past month a bit. Its pretty hard for me to fully appreciate how this experience will change my life, but I know it will.

Well maybe a little bit about yesterday first…

Yesterday was our last day at AppCampus. We each gave a final, 4 minute, presentation – mine went pretty well I think. I’ll upload it when I get home. Then we got our graduation certificates.

It's official now

It’s official now

We then started to say our goodbyes. I can’t say enough good things about the AppCampus staff. They are really amazing at what they do. They made us all feel welcomed and special. I could tell from each of them that we were important them. And that made us work harder and get better.

Mike Bradshaw is great. I’m convinced he had previous careers as either a first grade teacher or a cat herder. How else could he have kept 20 teams from around the world busy, out of trouble, and productive for 4 weeks? Seriously Mike, I really appreciate the hard work you out in to make this a success.

Tiina and Anna in the office helped me get my app QA’d and all issues resolved! Its because of the that our apps will be much better than the average apps in the marketplace. Thanks Ladies!

Alina was extremely helpful with some marketing ideas for my app from herself and others. Us geeks don’t really have marketing brains so her knowledge and expertise is extremely valuable. Thanks Alina!

Speaking of geeks, Teemu – the guru – was a great technical resource. And what I like about Teemu is that he always has a smile on his face and is always willing to help. Thanks Teemu!

Paola Borella and Pekka Sivonen were really great mentors. They pushed us to strive for greatness. They helped us see our unique value and to develop ways of translating that into something meaningful. You guys had more impact on me than was probably apparent. Don’t worry, I’ll make you proud.

Friends for life

You know when you connect with someone that know you will be a friend for a long time? Well that happened dozens of times for me with the group of fellow AppCampers. I hope to feature a blog post on all of the teams at some point, but to mention couple…

My roomies Jodon and Doug from Vancouver were really great guys. We had tons of laughs. And I really respect their work. They released their app Fling Theory yesterday. Its super cool! Check it out here…

BTW guys – its on the front page of the store! Top row!

Another cool couple guys are Anthony and Laurent from France. Their company is Monkey Moon check it out. They are working on a cool puzzle game called HarshQuad. When they learned Debbie liked puzzle games they put a special version on my phone just for her. That was a really cool gesture guys!

We really bonded last night – our last together in Heksinki. First we went to Sky Express for large pizza and beers.

Yeah, we took over the place

Yeah, we took over the place

Then we all hiked down to Swengi, a karaoke bar. And we took over that place too. We sang We Are The World and a bunch of other songs and had a really great time.

We are the word!

We are the word!


I’m looking forward to seeing these guys again. Maybe AppCampus will offer a Masters Program?

If you think this is the end of this blog – its not. I’m going to keep it up until I’ve accomplished my goals for Timmo’s Challenge. More on my next adventures coming soon.

Thanks AppCampus! It was really a life-changing experience thanks to you all!