Well traffic is light this morning in Boston as I expected. But we do have some teams out on the challenge. I’ll update this post with player updates throughout the day.

1:39 pm: YOLOMama has retaken the points lead. The teams are tiring though. Lets see if any can finish.

11:45 am: Uh oh… Nokia Ambassador Lance McCarthy has entered the challenge. Let’s see if he can catch up to the other teams. 🙂

11:26 am: Apple Store has taken the lead. Grrr. YOLOMama got totally lost going into level 2 and is just now starting it.

10:47 am:  YOLOMama is still leading. Apple Store is catching up… darn. Weather is getting warmer!

10:27 am – YOLOMama is in the lead with 367 points! My friend Hank who used the player name “Apple Store” is in last place. Which he should stay with a lame name like that.