Although I’ve been working on Timmo’s Challenge for over a year and a half now, in some ways today was like “Day 1”. Today was the first day people actually paid to use the app.

A strange week indeed

There was no way I could have anticipated the events of this week when I scheduled the launch of the Boston version of the challenge. I wasn’t planning a huge event – no press releases, no advertising, just basic social media marketing. And that was compounded by a lack of action this week as I tried to decide if I should even go forward with the launch or not. Right up to last night! So I wasn’t expecting much today.

Boston itself was quite amazing today. A lot of people were out. Everyone was in a toned down, but good mood. A big chunk of Boylston Street was still blocked off and crowds looked on as a still large police presence continued their investigations.

Team Highlights

Team YOLOMama, consisting of my wife, my daughter, and my daughter’s boyfriend started off okay enough. They finished Level 1 easy enough, but then the problems started. They got confused about which steps and level they were on (TC Tip: Don’t let a 16 year old control the directions in an unfamiliar city) and then took a long route around the blocked off streets. The extra walking got them tired out early and they were only able to get through the first step of level 3.

Team “Apple Store”, consisting of my friend Hank and my son Caleb started off after Team YOLOMama, but passed them when they got lost. They were able to get through the end of level 3.

No team made it to level 4 – Beacon Hill.

Store Highlights

I stayed back at the Microsoft store and talked to store employees and customers about the app. A few purchased it right away and others looked forward to doing it when they had more time. I got some great feedback on the concept and some good suggestions for future changes.

The store was really busy. It was great to see the momentum for Windows Phone and new Windows 8 devices, especially the Surface.

Great Support

I got some great support from Eliza and Alison from Microsoft. They were really excited about the app and did a great job of talking it up to customers.

It was also great to see Lance McCarthy, a Nokia ambassador, who came and hung out with me all day. He is really passionate about what he’s doing and it shows. He is working on some really cool stuff too!

And I was especially grateful for the support of my wife Deb, my kids, and my good friend Hank. They were exhausted by the end of the day, but still smiling. So I guess that was a good thing.

Now on to analyze my next steps and keep moving the needle with app downloads!